Creede Colorado

I’d been through Creede a couple times, but always as we were on our way to some place else. I’d never taken the time to hang out and check things out.

Spring Ride on La Salle Pass

My buddies Jason, Paul and Lucas got out on the motorcycles today. We had a pretty epic day. Headed up Highway 285 over Kenosha Pass (9,997 feet/3,047 meters) and down into South Park. Then rode Tarryall Road, one of the best paved roads in the state of Colorado. At...

UTVs in Moab, Utah

Eric, Jason, Sean and I rented a couple Kawasaki KRX 1000 UTVs (Utility Task Vehicles) and hit the trails around Moab, Utah. We hit Hurrah Pass and the Fins and Things trail in Sand Flats Recreation Area. It’s hard to believe something this fun is actually legal.

A Friday Hike

Moki and I decided to get out for a hike today. There were a few drone skills I’d been wanting to test out, and with the forecast calling for calm winds I decided to bring my new Skydio2.