Motorcycle Milky Way

I’d been to Colombia the previous year, and to be honest I hadn’t fallen in love with the country. I’m not sure why. Multiple friends had waxed of its virtues, we did some amazing motorcycle riding, I’d had fun, but for some reason I wasn’t sold. So when this year came around, and a couple friends said they were going back, I decided to give it another chance. After all, the previous year I’d only been there for 2 weeks, I hadn’t been myself due to my recent divorce and I hadn’t explored much. I pretty much just followed my friends, did what they did, saw what they showed me and hoped it would numb my pain. This year would be different. I booked a flight for 3 months, planned a 2½ week solo motorcycle tour and was back to my old self looking for adventure. Things would be different, and boy oh boy were they.