I rented a scooter for the day to explore the 45 KM (30 mile) loop around the French Polynesian island of Moorea. One of the recommended places to go was Belvedere Lookout, located in the center of the island which happens to be a volcano caldera. This is one of the only paved roads other than the traffic heavy (realtively speaking of course) main loop. So I took out my drone and had it follow me up the road to the lookout.

Once there I decided to take one of the shots I love, a dronie. It’s a good establishing shot that starts close and flies backwards and upwards to reveal your surroundings before returning. I double-clicked a button on my¬†beacon remote and watched as my super high tech drone began to fly backwards away from me straight towards a huge tree. I’ve seen this drone do amazing things before, but never something like this. It flew backwards into the center of the tree, flying around branches and never getting stuck. After reaching it’s dronie apex, it flew back out through the branches and came back to me. When I finally got a chance to review the footage, I was blown away. I think you might be as well. Oh, and the scenary behind me of Opunohu Bay isn’t bad either.