Early last year I started looking for a drone to capture video of me riding my motorcycle on trails in the Colorado mountains. I was really surprised to find there wasn’t one, at least not one with the features I felt were essential. There were a couple that could follow visually, but none that were truly autonomous and could follow and film without intervention. I found one company called Skydio that had a drone called the R1 that was close, but it didn’t have other features I thought were essential. Then on October 1st I got an email that Skydio was releasing a new drone, the Skydio2. That drone had every feature I wanted and more. I put down $100 to hold my place in line and anxiously waited. I finally received it the end of December and took it for a test flight. Let’s just say I was not disappointed. Take a look at the video and leave a comment below if you have questions.

Cinematic Skills


Motion Track

Skydio 2 will track a subject from a specified angle relative to the subject’s direction of motion, such as from the front, side or behind. Great for ensuring Skydio 2 always captures the subject from a specific angle, such as the front, as they move.


Fixed Track

Skydio 2 will track a subject from a fixed angle regardless of which direction the subject is facing or moving. Perfect for keeping the sun at a specific angle or ensuring a great background stays in the frame.



Skydio 2 will rotate around the selected subject in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction, keeping the subject in the center of the frame.



This powerful skill allows you to mark two points in the sky and have Skydio 2 fly along a fixed path between them, like a virtual “cable cam”.



Skydio 2 will hover in a fixed position, as if affixed to a virtual tripod, rotating and tilting the camera to look at the subject as they move.


One-Shots are special skills that perform a specific maneuver (such as a dronie) and then end, returning to the previously selected skill once the shot is complete.



Skydio 2 will fly up and outward, increasing in range, while continuing to track the subject.



Skydio 2 will fly straight up to capture a bird’s eye overhead view of the subject.



Skydio 2 rotates once around the subject, beginning close, flying outward, and finally returning close to the subject.



Skydio 2 will fly up and outward while rotating around the subject.
Specialty Skills


Learn to Fly

Learn the basics of how to track subjects and control your Skydio 2. This tutorial appears automatically on your first flight, and you can repeat it at any time.