After many years off, The Life of Mike is making a return. As some of you might remember, around the turn of the century (the 21st of course) I created a precursor to the blog with a website that featured stories of my travels. I was teaching myself website development at the time and used the site to practice my future vocation and keep friends and family up-to-date on my travels. At some point I decided it was time to let the website go and I let the domain name expire. It was snapped up pretty quickly, presumably by another Mike. The original Life of Mike was no more.

I thought about the site briefly from time to time over the next decade, and would check to see if the domain was available, but it was always still taken. Then about a year ago, while laying in bed trying to fall asleep, the website popped into my head. I decided I’d check to see if the domain was available. Imagine my surprise when I saw it had just come back on the market about a month before. Taking this as a sign, I quickly registered the domain. So after about a year of thinking about getting the site up and running again, here it is. Whether you’re just bored at work and looking to kill a few minutes or you’re wanting to follow along on one of my trips, it’s good to have you back. Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy.